Inspiring Women Leaders

Episode 13 - Dr Tamara Beckford

November 09, 2022 Dr Adam Harrison and guests Season 1 Episode 13
Inspiring Women Leaders
Episode 13 - Dr Tamara Beckford
Show Notes

Dr. Tamara Beckford is a wife, mom, and emergency physician. She is the CEO of UR Caring Docs and the UR Caring Society, where she helps busy professional women put their health and wellness first without guilt. 

Dr. Beckford is also the host of the Dr. Tamara Beckford Show, where she has interviewed over 150 doctors about self-care, wellness, and the fantastic things they do outside of medicine. 

Dr. Beckford has spoken about the importance of self-care on many platforms, including Power to Fly, Scale Your Business Summit, and Blaze Virtual Summit. 

Most recently, she successfully organized and hosted the virtual graduation for the EntreMD Business School, the largest school for physician entrepreneurs in the United States. 

You can follow Dr. Beckford on LinkedIn as 'Tamara Beckford MD, MS' and as @urcaringdocs on all other social media platforms.

In this episode, Dr Beckford and I chat about:

Her leadership roles
Her leadership style
Her leadership journey
The leaders that helped her rise
The challenges she faced on her journey
How she navigated those challenges
How she thinks you can become a strong and kind leader
Her 'take home' leadership messages for the listeners, and
What she is currently excited to be working on.

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